Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Still just a kitten

Shadow...stalking me from beneath the Japanese maple. He's about 12 years old now and he's still as playful as ever. He goes for walks with us when we walk to the end of our street and back with the kids...I'd swear he was a dog sometimes. Naps a bit more now than he used to, but still looks great.

He was an orphan when my friend found him and his three siblings in the neck of an old oak tree, his mother killed by a car not far up the street. They kept them in a laundry basket lined with newspapers until they were big enough to be given away. To this day, he will choose a pile of scattered newspapers to sleep on over any bedding we'd purchase at a pet store. He'd rather be near us rather than sitting on our laps, a product of his never having known the comfort of his mother, I've decided. We picked him, the runt of the litter, because of his cute little face. He's still cute, our little Shadow.

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The last daffodil picture for this spring, I promise. These are some kind of double-daffodil that I planted last fall. I was so sick of not having tulips in my yard that I went out looking for the most exotic looking daffodils I could find. These were pretty white with the yellow center and the clustered cup. It's been such a perfect spring this year. No droughts, no damaging storms *knocks wood.* I can't remember the garden looking so green and the flowers lasting so long. Maybe I'm just paying attention again.

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