Wednesday, April 20, 2005

On the way home

Turned the car around last night to catch the sunset. People must've thought I was either nuts or a suspicious character (or both) as I was pulled over and camped on a median with my tripod. Hey, they do it in California and look how happy those folks are... ;-) I was attending my college roommate's wedding south of LA awhile back and on a free night, I was walking to the beach near sunset time. I was about two blocks from the beach and I could see it setting between the buildings. As a lifetime east coaster, seeing the sun set over water is a big deal. I was stuck at a crosswalk light when two guys in a convertible, who had the green light, come to an abrupt stop. They're waving me out into the crosswalk, "Go! GO!" I'm yellin back, "You have the light!" They yell back, "You're gonna miss the sunset!" Hey, cool! Rock on, dudes! You gotta love surfers.


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