Friday, April 15, 2005

Spring Haiku

My friend Kathleen got me into Haiku last year, writing mostly Lord of the Rings inspired Haiku. Every once in awhile, she'd offer a haiku challenge with various themes. I like this form of poetry because it's short and sweet and I can usually find time to jot a few lines down between kiddie activities. Many thanks to her for giving me a new outlet for my writing!

Here's a few haiku I just wrote in more or less correct form. I think they are an average of both the Japanese and American forms. Too tired to count syllables! The inspiration was from this site on Spring Haiku.

Spring Haiku

four dark months spent
waiting for spring
where are my sunglasses?

snow melts into spring
chilled teens in shorts and shirtsleeves
frisbees in snowpiles

april opens windows
breezy curtains sway
tea's cold again

crocus billows
alone in a brown desert

winter surrenders

salt piles crowd the curb
streetcleaner hoards his wealth
bicycles give chase

pools of yellow sails
green shores surround daffodils
crowded spring lake

shy fiddleheads peek
between cracks of granite
life unfurls again


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