Monday, April 30, 2007

Last Frost Date in New York

Every year since I've had this blog, I get hits for "last frost date" for springtime planting. I Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucketwrote a blog about how I planted my entire annual and vegetable garden before that date one year. Of course, right after planting, I heard that frost was on the way. My choices: losing my whole crop if I left them, covering the whole lot of it or digging them out before nightfall.

I dug. It was not fun. I placed all my little plants in a wheelbarrow loaded with potting soil. I watered them in and wheeled it all in the garage overnight. Never again.

My neighbors thought I was nuts...plant them in, take them out, plant them in. Come to think of it, she still thinks I'm nuts, but that's a blog entry for another day...

So here it is, for all you beginner Hudson Valley gardeners, according to the Cornell Coop. Extension, last spring frost date or planting date, in Dutchess County is........*regal trumpeting*

April 30 - May 10th.

I'd wait a bit...or, if you feel lucky, g'head. You'll have tomatoes a week before me. Maybe. (Tomatoes like warm dirt to're not gaining much by planting early!)

Impatiens really hate frost. Don't plant those even if you do feel lucky. They look so pathetic dead and shriveled. If you care anything about impatiens, leave them at the garden center for another week. Or buy them, let them sun in the day and bring them in at night if you have room.

Of course, go ahead and plant your perennial herbs, hardy perennials, rose bushes, spring flowering trees, shrubs, and even some lettuces and peas. Divide your rootbound perennials and those hostas which seem to grow like they're on steroids. So back away from the tender annuals. There are plenty of other things to keep you busy in the garden this week.


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At 9:40 PM, Blogger CarolynVB said...'s May 13th...Mother's Day and there's a frost warning tonight. = )


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