Friday, April 06, 2007

Spring...Indoors Anyway

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Spring bulbs, Adams Farm Market Flower Show

It is so cold...I'm wondering if Al Gore had a typo in his reports...not global freezing. snowed in April. The Mets game in Atlanta tonight looks like they're playing in November! It's all my fault...I packed my sweaters away last week. Apologies, northeast.

My daffodils are still closed tight. They're not stupid. I fear my crocus will die before they ever open. Their little purple buds are up but slammed shut. The hyacinth that poked up in last December's heat spell are finally blooming, albeit shorter than normal and the tips are yellowed from exposure to January/February's snowfalls.

I wonder what will happen to all those forsythias that bloomed in December...will they bloom again? Second chance spring? Wacky weather. Spring is hopeful but completely confused this year.


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