Sunday, March 25, 2007

Marist Women's Basketball Team in Dayton! Sweet!

Check out the Marist College women's basketball team today on ESPN at noon when they play Tennessee in the NCAA regional semis in Dayton, Ohio.

Lots of blog coverage by local writers including Sean McMann at the Pok. Journal and Ken McMillan at the Times Herald Record.

I'll try to get some blogging going on my sportsblog at FoxSports. (I still cannot believe Fox didn't ask me to go cover Marist in Ohio...their loss!)

I had this great idea for an interactive map for folks driving to Dayton for the game. Alas, the html for it was way over my head. Was able to find some fun stuff to do along the way, though. Read about it here and please, if you go to Esther Price chocolates, grab me a box of coconut chocolates. Thanks.


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