Friday, April 28, 2006

New York Botanical Gardens

Greenhouse domes
NY Botanical Gardens
Bronx, NY

Visted the NY Botanical Gardens last spring on a day much like today. Blue, cloudless skies, just a slight chill in the air when the wind blows. Perfect for a visit to the garden. Not so much for taking pictures, but well worth the drive and the guilt from avoiding house chores.

Their site has a "what's on now" page that tells you what's in bloom when. Today's beauties are flowering cherries, tulips and lilacs. There's also an iris show in the Conservatory. Iris in the Conservatory with a garden shovel!!

The cafe there has lots of healthy choices and a shady outside seating area with a view of, what else, flowering gardens.

This slideshow is from last year, but I suspect they're in full spring bloom down there right now.

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