Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Pecking Order

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New York Aquarium

Visited the New York Aquarium in Brooklyn recently with the family. The light drizzle for most of the day didn't dampen the fun and the small crowds actually made for quite an intimate experience.

The NY Aquarium, for its size, packs in a lot of wildlife in a little space. My husband quipped, "They're like real New Yorkers: crowded." As it should be, I guess, located just a short drive (in miles, not time in traffic) from downtown NYC. The animals didn't seem to mind the crowding or the crowds.

Harbor seals smooched with kids at poolside, walruses went eye to eye with squealing toddlers through the glass beneath their sea homes, and one energetic harbor seal entertained a bunch of us whirling and twirling while a boy spun his yellow jacket on the viewing glass. He spun it to the right, the seal spun to the right. He dragged it up and down, the sea lion's head followed it up and down. Great interactive event and it was all unchoreographed.

I am told by a rep from the Aquarium via email that the baby harbor seal in the video is named "Finnius" and he's on loan from the Bronx Zoo while his exhibit is refurbished. She said his old home at the Zoo doesn't have a viewing tank, so it's all still new to him. He seemed to like the kids, though.

It's oriented sideways, unfortunately. If you can figure out how to make it upright, give me a holler in comments. = )

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