Sunday, April 16, 2006

On A Clear Day...

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You can see a hell of a lot...if you're on top of the Empire State Building, that is.
Looking northeast from the observation deck on the Empire State Building. My first time up there.
When people tell you, "It's windy," what they really mean is, "It's so windy, you think you'll get launched off the building!" Wicked winds. The kind that makes all your pictures blurry because you've never taken pictures in hurricane force winds before. The kind that makes your hair fling in your face so you're blurry in the photos and you resemble Cousin It.
Well worth the hour+ wait and serpentine lines (and crazy photo sales-guys) to get up there. Can't believe I never did it before.
Go. Bring a camera and an anchor and stay awhile on top of the city.


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