Thursday, November 18, 2004

Alice In Artland

Every so often, I am overcome by an inexplicable urge to visit New York City. Sometimes I just need to shed the moss from my hiking boots and take on the mortar morass at full stride. It usually results in a few lame touristy photos of midtown buildings, a hasty meal and much regret over my poor choice in walking shoes. But this last visit, I went downtown to a new part of the jungle for me! It was called "Chelsea" and in it were "art galleries."

Art, to me, has usually meant a painting...something recognizable and not in the genre "moderne." But I'm expanding my horizons (and, in the future, my shoe width...ow) and I chose to visit some very fine small art galleries. Not "small art"...small galleries! Some of the art, was, in fact, size and, in my uneducated opinion, small in meaning. Or maybe my small mind just couldn't get around the artist's larger meanings.

Take for example, the display of dead deer pictures. Apparently this particular state of natural life, or death, caught the eye of an artist...she captured dead deer in various states of death, bleeding, gutting and de-carcassing...(ick), then mounted the pictures with earthy items like leather twine, stitching, branches and called them creative names like "dead 1" "dead 2." I never found "dead 7..." But anyway, this was her art. So, I saw it. And suddenly, I felt the urge to see 5th Avenue and the Empire State Building and Rockefeller Center or a park with trees. I found myself re-checking the train schedules.

Before I escaped, er, left the city, I caught one photography exhibit and captured the shot above. The real photo by Wijnanda Deroo can be seen here at the Robert Mann Gallery.

Also check out Michael Kenna's gallery there.

Crazy link for the day: Llama Song
(Warning! This song will stick in your head all day long!)


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