Saturday, November 13, 2004

First Snow of the Season

Where did fall go? Sneaky mistress, that Mother Nature. Dumping three inches of the white stuff overnight! Don't you know they don't even have sleds on sale yet?? Snowmen must be made...buttons must be found...birdfeeders must be filled and kept from the squirrels. Ack! I don't have an ice scraper! The shovel is missing!!

I guess cardboard inside plastic bags will have to suffice as sleds. I did manage to buy the snowboots early this year and wash the mittens, scarves, hats and snowpants. The snowmen won't be high fashion, but sturdy enough until that fall wind warms up a bit and sends them tipping. The birds will make due, I suspect, and the squirrels always have a stash.

For me...I'll don my boots and scarf and head off to the woods with the camera. And leave the snow where it is... a beautiful surprise dusting softly sitting on evergreen boughs and oak branches. The clean, crisp air will be refreshing and the crunch of my footsteps on fallen leaves will be replaced by the soft, cold quiet of winter.

First Snow pics

First Snow from Up High


At 10:53 AM, Blogger Arevanye said...

It snowed! Wow, we didn't get any here in Indiana.

Lovely photographs, I especially like the one of snow on the swingset for some reason. Has that certain melancholy, abandoned-until-spring look to it.

Of course, my kids use the swingset even in the winter, so perhaps not so abandoned. ;-)


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