Wednesday, March 02, 2005

35mm is my friend

I'm going out today to try out my old 35mm camera. The poor thing has been sitting all alone on my son's desk since the arrival of our digital camera two years ago. The snow is on the ground. I see some blue sky. It's time to see if I remember how to focus and use f-stops.

I recalled the story of my broken flash as I packed my bag to go. I'll retell it as I had when a costumed chipmunk in Disney world "asked" where it was. I told him to try not to move while posing with my kids indoors (room was too dark). He shook his paw at me and pointed to my camera bag as if to say, "Duh, mommy, no flash at a character breakfast?!"

Me: A turkey landed on my flash and broke it.
Chip: (or Dale, I can never tell): (gestures: huh?!)
Me: A turkey smashed it.
Chip/Dale: (flapping his arms and gesturing "no")
Me: Well, they fly when they don't have their seatbelts on...
C/D: (confused)
Me: I had a 20-lb frozen turkey on my front seat...a free one, ya know, the ones you get when you buy an insane amount of groceries at one store...
C/D: (nodding)
Me: So I was taking it home and had no room on the backseat, so I plopped it on the front seat.
C/D: (shaking his head, seeing where this was going)
Me: My flash and camera were on the floor of the front seat, I had to stop quickly and lemme tell ya, turkeys can fly. *smash*
C/D: (self-forehead-smack)
Kids: (smiling for camera)
C/D: (holding verrrrry still)

(will post the pic I got later)


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